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A Reader in Environmental Law (Paperback)

ISBN: 9780198765493
Categorie: Carti straine
An apartie: 1999
Pret de la: 150 RON

In recent years the state of the environment has become an area of increasing concern. This new Reader brings together work from a variety of disciplines and theoretical perspectives, and from an international scholarship. The literature included in this is amongst the best in the field, broad themes that cut across the...

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Compliance: Regulation and Environment (Hardback)

ISBN: 9780198264750
Categorie: Carti straine
An apartie: 1997
Pret de la: 330 RON

ACJ |T Environmental & Energy Law
The concept of compliance is central to government attempts to regulate economic activities. In this volume Hutter investigates the notion of compliance in two areas of vital importance to our everyday lives, namely occupational health and safety, and the environment. Hutter provides a snapshot view of...

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Partenerul saptamanii
Editura Adantis a aparut in lumea editoriala romaneasca din dorinta de a aduce iubitorilor de carte titluri noi si captivante care sa-i ajute sa-si descopere adevarata personalitate, cea de dincolo de barierele impuse de societatea actuala, si sa traiasca in armonie, intr-o lume mai buna.

1421 - Anul in care China a descoperit lumea

Pret de la: 39.5 RON
Autor: Gavin Menzies
ISBN: House of Guides 89
Pagini: 624   Format: 130x200 mm

Sarut mana, doamna!

Pret de la: 18 RON
Autor: George Uba
ISBN: V&S 31
An aparitie: 2007   Pagini: 336   Format: N/A; 0.340 kg
Categorie: Studii , Studii

Studiul China

Pret de la: 35.1 RON
ISBN: 978-606-8080-75-8
An aparitie: 2012   Pagini: 528   Format: 13 x 20
Categorie: Studii , Studii , Studii

Suflet de crin

Pret de la: 8 RON
ISBN: 973-7740-50-5
Editura: SOPHIA
An aparitie: 2004   Pagini: 128   Format: 13 x 20 cm
Categorie: Studii , Studii , Studii , Studii

IN APARAREA MANCARII - manifestul unui gurmand

Pret de la: 9.63 RON
ISBN: House of Guides 128
Editura: Editura LHR
An aparitie: 2009  
Categorie: Studii , Studii

Biblia alimentaţiei copilului - Un ghid complet despre cum trebuie hrănit copilul încă de la naştere

Pret de la: 29.5 RON
Autor: Eileen Behan
ISBN: House of Guides 140
An aparitie: 2009   Pagini: 256   Format: 140x205 cm
Categorie: Studii , Studii , Studii